The Academy

What is The Academy?

The Sodi UKC Micro Max Academy is a highly accessible but very unique competition available to young drivers wishing to compete on equal terms, on a UK National basis within the “Ultimate Karting Championship”. Drivers race head to head, yet on a complete level playing field using the Sodi Furia 950 chassis complete with Rotax 125 Micro Max Evo engine. All engines are provided on a pooled basis and allocated each race meeting to ensure equality throughout the grid, allowing the drivers racing ability to shine through. Same equipment used by all competitors, less expense – no need for expensive engines, with a level playing field provided to all.

Charles Leclerc, Anthony Abbasse and Pierre Gasly

What are the age and weight requirements?

The minimum age is the year of the drivers 8th birthday and the maximum age is the year of the drivers 12th birthday. The minimum weight limit for kart and driver is 110kg.

What equipment is required?

All Academy drivers will compete on the Sodi Furia 950mm chassis, designed for the Micro Max class, to provide consistency throughout the grid. Different options are available to all competitors to cater for various circumstances – ensuring availability to all. Arrive and Drive options are available to those participants who may prefer not to invest in a chassis, or may not have the transportation and/or storage facilities; or they may just simply prefer to turn up and race with helmet in hand. No problem, just pay a kart rental along with the engine fee and off you go! For those competitors that prefer to own their own kit, discounted karts are available to purchase, and with the Sodi Furia 950 chassis proving its award winning ability throughout the UK and Europe, this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with a great introductory rate.

What are pooled engines?

Rotax Micro Max engines will be drawn at random (raffle style) and allocated to drivers for the race meeting, along with ancillaries. These engines will have been tested and reported to guarantee uniformity and consistency. The engines, along with exhaust and carburettor will have to meet a strict tolerance to allow fairness and equality. Full support, including highly trained Rotax Technical support, will be available at all race meetings to help with any queries, advice and technical support.

Do I need an MSUK Licence?

The driver does not require an MSUK licence however, part of the Sodi Academy ethos is to support and develop drivers, to enable development within the sport. The option of progressing through and gaining your MSUK licence is provided, along with the knowledge needed and support and guidance given. Other options within the Sodi Academy include, training, coaching, health and fitness advice, along with set-up advice and information to gain required skills – all provided by a fully trained support team.

I’m new to motorsport, what kit do I need?

The safety of the driver is absolute paramount, so essential kit is required, to meet safety requirements. Basic equipment would include a helmet (to an approved standard), kart race suit (CIK homologated), gloves, boots, and possibly rib protector and neck brace. All this equipment can be provided, to the required regulations, with huge discounts, if ordered through Sodi Vitesse (the UK distributor). The latest 2021 OMP Official Kart Suits are also available at a special introductory rate to Academy members.

Bas Lammers

Do I need a mechanic?

Changes to the kart are limited however; you will need some knowledge of working on a kart or be mechanically minded to safely get the kart onto the grid. Full advice for set-up, along with coaching advice and general chassis guidance is available, should you need it, within our awnings. If you feel you need a mechanic, this can be sourced for you. A guidance list of recommended tools required for the season will be provided upon request.

What practice is available?

Dates will be released soon where the Sodi Academy will be visiting circuits that are confirmed on the 2021 UKC Calendar to enable drivers to test equipment prior to racing. It is not a regulatory requirement to use the official pooled engines on these test days, so you can use your own engine on these days if you prefer. Engines will be available to hire should you require this facility. It is highly advisable for drivers to practice prior to racing and a must to newcomers.

What changes can I make to the kart?

The regulations will stipulate what changes can be completed on the kart, to ensure your kart passes scrutineering checks. Set parameters will be clarified, with a selected range limit of front and rear sprocket, carburettor jetting and spark plug type, suited to the circuit being raced.

What incentives are there?

The Sodi UKC Micro Max Academy is a great starting place for any young driver, providing support and development within motorsport, at various levels. The ethos of the Academy is to develop and progress. Drivers will learn from experienced personnel, receive support, back up and encouragement and have the option to get involved in various additional activities. Fabulous prizes will also be announced!

Pierre Gasly