The Sodi UK Micro Max Academy is a highly accessible karting competition available to young drivers aged 8 to 12 wishing to compete on equal terms, on a UK National basis within the Ultimate Karting Championship.

Drivers practice and race on a complete level playing field using the Sodi Furia 950 chassis complete with Rotax 125 Micro Max Evo engine. All engines are provided on a pooled basis and allocated each race meeting to ensure equality throughout the grid, allowing the drivers racing ability to shine through. Same equipment used by all competitors, less expense – no need for expensive engines, with a level playing field provided to all


Different options are available to all competitors to cater for various circumstances – ensuring availability to all. Arrive and Drive options are available to those who may prefer not to invest in a chassis. Participants may not wish to invest in a chassis or may not have the transportation and/or storage facilities or they may just simply prefer to turn up and race with helmet in hand. No problem, just pay a kart rental along with the engine fee and off you go! For those competitors that prefer to own their own kit, discounted chassis are available to purchase, and with the Sodi Furia 950 chassis proving its award winning ability throughout the UK and Europe, this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with a great deal alongside.  


Sodikart, world leader in the karting industry, has built its reputation on an audacious development strategy, exclusive innovations supported by numerous patents and a constant pursuit of excellence in serving its customers. A financially sound and profitable company since its creation, present on five continents and now a key player in the karting market offering a range of products and services. Every day, the Sodikart teams strive to deliver new solutions to the users of their products without ever losing sight of the fact that innovation must serve quality, performance and excellence. Sodikart are very proud to have contributed to the success of the very talented Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc, both extremely talented drivers who started out with Sodikart – and whom also followed in the footsteps of Esteban Ocon, to name but a few and certainly not forgetting Anthoine Hubert. 

Sodi Furia 950 Kart

The Sodi Furia 950 chassis – the new generation of chassis for the youngest drivers. With an intermediate wheelbase of 950mm, the Sodi Furia allows drivers of the Micro Max category to compete with a very efficient chassis. This chassis has been subjected to a long phase of tests and controls before being officially approved. The result is an efficient, easy and extremely competitive chassis: the winning combo for any budding young drivers!

Rotax 125 Micro Max engine

The Rotax 125 Micro Max engine – The engine with its 9.5 hp and good torque forgives driving mistakes and is therefore perfect for the youngest to gain their first experiences in karting. Special features: Junior cylinder without exhaust valve, restricted exhaust socket, radiator and exhaust that fit special chassis. Chassis compatibility: wheel base: 950 mm. The perfect start to karting!

Ultimate Karting Championship

The 2021 UKC series will be hosted over 6 rounds (plus the UKC O Plate) and offers drivers prestigious awards and exclusive opportunities in their career development. Every aspect covered through race by race media coverage which will be broadcast globally to 120 million homes across the UK, USA & Europe. The series offers a unique platform for drivers and race teams to promote and showcase their talents on the global stage. We invite you to join us in our search for the Ultimate Micro Max Karting Champion.